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Game Art
Concept Art - Creature Design - Character Design

Fan Concept of a leviathan/ sea monster idea for the game Dredge by Black Salt Games

2D concept of a fantasy desert nomad

2D concept of an ancient desert guardian

2D concept art of a computer virus creature

2D idle animation of an original character

3D handpainted textures

3D handpainted textures inspired by old ps1 & ps2 horror games

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(all artworks were created by myself and belongs to me only!)

Emma Porschen - Game Art Student

Video Game Art & 3D Animation (Bachelor) at SAE Institute (current)

Work Experience:
multiple further educations with professionals during my education at SAE,
attented online workshops about 3D art, character creation, pixel animation and handpainted textures for games,
Pre-Foundation Portfolio Preparation at ual: University of the Arts London,
3 months as an exchange student at Ferndown Upperschool (UK) where I attended A level Art and Photography as well as A level Media

German (mothertongue),
English (fluent)

Program knowledge:
Procreate, ClipStudio Paint, Photoshop, Zbrush, Nomad Sculpt, 3DsMax, blender, Substance Painter, 3D Coat Textura, PyxelEdit, DragonBonesPro

Other knowledge:
Printmaking, Sculpting (clay & Monsterclay), drawing & painting with different mediums

Drawing, painting, blockprinting, dungeons & dragons, playing video games, keeping invertebrates, animal knowledge

**Favourite Games: **
Deaths Door, Dredge, The Witcher 3, Heroes of Might & Magic III, Sable, Monster Hunter Rise, Planet Zoo